Reconditioning of cylindrical components

The cheap and umcomplicated alternative instead of buying a new one

Our reconditioning offers you a sustainable and economic solution for defective and worn cylindrical components.

Parameters for our process

We can recondition the following cylindrical components:

  • The guide conduct has to be cylindrical
  • Any outer contour is possible
  • Diameter from 70mm to 500mm
  • Length 200 to 2000mm
  • Raw or full material is possible
  • The material has to be weldable

Your benefits

Our process offers you many benefits compared to a new one.

  • Cost savings instead of buying a new one

  • Enviromentally-friendly and resource-saving technicque

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  • Short term delivery and reduction of downtime The parameters remain unchanged

  • The parameters remain unchanged

  • Changes of the contour are possible

  • Homogeneity of the material remains

Example components

In the following we show you some examples that we can recondition with our process.

Industries & fields of application

The areas of application are very versatile, many industries benefit from our service

Vehicle construction

  • Automotive industry
  • Aircraft construction
  • Crane construction
  • Shipbuilding
  • Special vehicles


  • Filling chambers / casting chambers
  • casting flask
  • Driving pistons
  • Lifting table guides

Steel industry

  • Forging technology
  • Steel production
  • Steelworks
  • Rolling mills

Energy production

  • Power plants
  • Wind power
  • Offshore
  • Nuclear waste disposal
  • Hydropower plants

Plant engineering & mechanical engineering

  • Agricultural machinery
  • Tool and mould making
  • Construction machinery
  • Pressing equipment
  • Drive technology
  • Conveyors
  • Plastic injection machines

Various sectors

  • Mining technology
  • Testing and measurement technology
  • Tunnel ventilation
  • Weather technology