Environmental protection and climate neutral

For the world of tomorrow

Repair is the ecological alternative to buying new

Our repairs not only offer you a cost-saving alternative to buying new products, but also conserve resources and drastically reduce CO2 emissions.

It is a matter of course for us to question our own production processes and optimize them with environmentally friendly alternatives if possible.



Our Environmental Characteristics

  • The repair makes a significant contribution to climate neutrality
  • Our production is environmentally certified according to DIN ISO EN 14001:2015
  • Paperless documentation

Resource consumption and CO2 emissions

Example of a filling chamber new production compared to filling chamber repair

Assumptions for comparison

  • 2774
    Chambers considered
  • 171 kg
    Ø Mass per chamber
  • 1.466 kg
    CO2 Emission /to finished steel product *
  • 5.342 kWh
    energy demand / to finished steel product *

Conclusion: Weier’s savings correspond to the annual electricity consumption of 633 households and CO2 emissions of 112 journeys around the world by car

* Source: Economic Association Steel Steel Institute VDEh / As of Dec. 2018