Shot sleeve reconditioning

Shot Sleeve Reconditioning

Your solution for defective or worn shot sleeves

The problem

The shot sleeve is subjected to significant stresses in the course of a normal pressure die-casting day. This results in a variety of different signs of wear, which make smooth manufacturing impossible.

  • Erosions
  • Material fatigue
  • Material fractures
  • The out-of-roundness of the outer and inner diameters
  • Leaks in the cooling system
  • Inner diameter is worn
  • Cracks due to ageing or tension
  • Spreading
  • Bushing seatings are worn
  • Vacuum bores or filling-inlets are worn
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We would now like to introduce our

repair process

to you

Our process

We have been offering our repair/maintenance for defective and worn shot sleeves for over 25 years now. Our process is the global leader! The process is carried out over 3 phases.

  • Step 1

    Along the entire length of the shot sleeve, the material above the depth of the damage is removed

  • Step 2

    New material is added

  • Step 3

    Surplus material is removed on the diameter wished by the customer

Extended processing

Besides the actual repair and maintenance work, we also offer additional processing measures.

  • Increasing or reducing the size of the inner or outer diameter
  • Increasing or reducing the length
  • Reconditioning fits
  • Applying chamfers and radii to the inner and outer diameters
  • Milling 3D contours
  • Permanent connecting of basic bodies with wear bushings
  • Introduction of new inlet openings and vacuum bores
  • Work in pin bores and surfaces as rotation lock
  • Introduction of grooves and bores for lubricant distribution
  • Reworking of U-formed inlet openings on the front side to closed inlet openings
  • Sealing or the new manufacture of cooling jackets
  • Sealing cooling circuits (sealing plugs, König expanders, special welding process)
  • Non-detachable label
  • Thermal cleaning
  • and much more besides


All shapes and sizes of shot sleeves can be worked on using our process.

  • shot sleeve to outer diameter 800 mm
  • shot sleeve from inner diameter 70 mm
  • Divided shot sleeve
  • Steel pistons

Your advantages

Our process offers you only advantages when compared to purchasing a new shot sleeve

  • Short-term delivery.
  • Up to 25% higher shot numbers compared to a new shot sleeve.
  • Up to 50% cost savings (includes: price, reduced stock, storage space and longer service life).
  • Reduced stock and spare parts costs due to short delivery times.
  • Environmentally-friendly and resource-saving technique (reduction of CO² load).
  • The original diameter is retained.
  • Repair "without" the insertion of wear bushings.
  • The parameters of the casting system remain unchanged.
  • A variety of changes to the shot sleeve are possible, e.g. reducing, enlarging, lengthening, shortening, and more.
  • The homogeneity of the shot sleeve is maintained.
  • During plant shutdown, a short-term delivery time is possible (details after agreement).