Shot sleeve reconditioning

Time saving.
No Limit.

Your solution for defective or worn shot sleeves


The shot sleeve is put under severel pressure in the daily die casting. This results in numerous signs of wear which make smooth production impossible.

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  • 1. Expansions
  • 2. Crackings
  • 3. Material breakouts
  • 4. Defective inner diameter
  • 5. Unroundess on the inner or outer diameter
  • 6. Material fatigue
  • 7. Defective bush seat
  • 8. Worn vaccum drillings or filling hole
  • 9. Outwashings
  • 10. Unleakness in the cooling system

Our solution for defective or worn shot sleeves

Our process

For over 30 years we have been offering our technique to repair/recondition defective or worn shot sleeves. Our process is the number one on the market. Our process has 3 phases.

Installation side

Filling opening


Step 1

Along the entire length of the shot sleeve, the material above the depth of the damage is removed

Step 2

New material is added

Step 3

Surplus material is removed on the diameter wished by the customer

Further processing

Besides the actual reconditioning, we also offer additional processing services.

  • Enlargement or reduction in the inside or outside diameter without using wear bushes
  • Application of chamfering or radit to the inside and outside diameter
  • Lengthening or shortening
  • Reviewing the fit
  • Milling of 3D contours
  • Permanent connection of base bodies with wearing bushings
  • Placement of new filling openings and vaccum holes
  • Integration of pin holes and surfaces as protection against twisting
  • Placement of slots and holes to disturbe lubrication
  • Adaption of U-shaped filling openings into filling openings that are closed at the front by integration a bar
  • Sealing or new production of cooling jackets
  • Sealing of cooling circuits (sealing plugs, König-Expander, special welding procedures)
  • Non-detachable labeling
  • Thermal cleaning
  • And a lot of more


All shapes and sizes of filling chamber can be processed using our technnique.

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There is no reason do not use our process.


Our technique only offers you benefits in comparison to buying a new shot sleeve.

  • Up to 25% higher shot number compared to new sleeve

  • Up to 50% cost savings (includes: price, reduced stock, storage space, and longer service life)

  • Process oriented reconditioning for standard, low iron and aluminium - carbon alloys

  • Short-term delivery

  • Enviromentally-friendly and resource saving technique (reduction of CO2 load)

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  • The parameters oft he casting machine remain unchanged

  • Repair "without" the insertion of wear bushes

  • The original diameter is retained

  • The homogeneity of the shot sleeve is maintained

  • Infinite number of repairs possible